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Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas

Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas presents a powerful visual narrative of the cultures, conflicts and conquests that forged the New World. Covering significant ruins in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America, Lost Worlds offers a unique pictorial survey of the geographical, architectural and historical diversity that defines the Americas.

Photographer Arthur Drooker continues his journey making images of ruins that shed light on the collective identity of the Americas. After conducting extensive research, Drooker identified, traveled to and photographed thirty-three ruins in sixteen countries over a three-year period. The images range from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to places less-known but no less worthy. A king’s palace in Haiti, Inca fortresses in Peru, Maya pyramids in Mexico and a colonial city in Panama sacked by legendary pirates are examples of the breadth of sites to be seen. Drooker photographed these ruins with a specially adapted digital infrared camera, providing the perfect format to capture their elegiac beauty and inherent mystery.

Lost Worlds contains 45 matted and framed prints ranging in size from 16″ x 20″ to 30″ x 40″. Wall text is supplied on disk. The companion hardcover publication and beautiful high quality postcards of select images are available to each venue. The exhibit fee is for 8 week displays and can be reserved for a longer period at a reduced rate.

Lost Worlds is ideal for museums, university galleries and cultural centers, offering great potential for the development of related educational programming in history, architecture, archaeology, historic preservation and photography.

View the printable exhibition informational packet in pdf format here.