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Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S.

Passionate, fiery, sensual, intense, Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S. provides an in-depth examination of the history and culture of Flamenco dance and music.

This festive and multi-dimensional traveling exhibition explores the origins, influences, development and appreciation of Flamenco as a highly respected art form on the world stage. Shaped over centuries by a multitude of cultural and regional influences including Roman, Sephardic, Arabic and Andalusian, Flamenco became a folkloric art form that began among the Gypsy people of Spain. Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S. traces the origins of Flamenco to its arrival in the U.S. and its rise as an international art form.  In 2010, UNESCO declared flamenco a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Traditional Flamenco continues as a way of life for the people of southern Spain and in other parts of the country, apart from the staged performance with which it is usually associated. Originally performed among families hidden away in the caves of Andalucía, it was transformed into a performance art in the small cafés cantantes (singing cafés) of the 19th century, eventually moving to theater stages.

Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S. focuses on the folkloric roots of Flamenco, tracing its history as it was transformed into a performance art. The exhibition tells the story of Flamenco’s introduction into the early night halls and theaters of the United States, showcasing those who made Flamenco a popular art form in this country. A section of the exhibition is devoted to the public fiestas and ferias in both Spain and the southwestern US, where Flamenco and Spanish dance continue to flourish as folk traditions. A final segment concentrates on Flamenco around the world in today’s era of fusion and worldwide festivals.

The 2,500 – 3,300 sq. ft, traveling exhibition will feature approximately 8o objects from the 19th century to the present, including costumes, instruments and ephemera, as well as several audio/video stations where audiences can see and listen to Flamenco over many generations. The exhibition is accompanied by the companion book, The Spirit of Flamenco: From Spain to New Mexico, by Nicolasa Chávez (Museum of New Mexico Press, Jacketed hardbound $39.95 ISBN:978-0-89013-608-9, 192 pages, 86 color and 54 black-and-white photographs).

Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S. is available starting in January 2018 through December 2021 for three month venues. Additional display time will be prorated and is encouraged!