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GuestCurator Traveling Exhibitions, founded in 2001, is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and operates as an independent representative and coordinator for traveling exhibits originated by museums, organizations and individuals. GuestCurator has successfully placed exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout  North America.  Cynthia Graves, Founder and Director, has worked with traveling exhibitions for over twenty -five years, including the development and management of TREX: Traveling Exhibitions with the Museum of New Mexico.

Our mission is to provide quality exhibitions to a global audience. GuestCurator works directly with both the exhibition originating organization and the host venue to develop and present exhibitions of the highest quality. GuestCurator provides marketing and placement of exhibitions, tour management including scheduling exhibitions into facilities that meet security and handling requirements, assessing exhibition objects and other components for suitable travel, supervision of customized packing and shipping, development of installation guidelines, educational programming assistance, monitoring condition before, during, and after each venue, and coordination with host venues to assure a successful tour.